Beyond The “Pink”


One of the hot, decor trends this spring is PASTELS  but not the ‘old’ PASTELS we’re so familiar with.  Newer versions are more saturated and perhaps more importantly, they’re being used in combination with each other in ways we’ve not done before – or even thought we could – or should.

What I’m referring to harkens back to the day of never putting blue and green together or pink and yellow and OMG, certainly not orange!  All of which fell into the same category as not wearing white after Labour Day or to a wedding – there are still rules about these things, but today you can do some version of them without being ostracized.

One of the newest books I found on the subject (which is on it’s way to my door step as I write this) is ‘Pretty Pastel Style.’  I love incorporating a hit or two of PASTEL into a white room.  And, I also paint furniture for re-sale in my booth (Simply Beach), in PASTEL shades as well as basic black, gray and white.

I’ve included some ‘inspiration’ photos of rooms, table tops and even food .. and while you’re here, take a look at the pic update of my booth… Enjoy!