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Let’s Talk About Your Decorating Skills…

yes, you do have skills

Like most of you who come to my site, I am inspired by the things around me. They often serve as a jumping-off point that can suddenly take on a life of its own – I just can’t help myself.  Fair warning!  Don’t invite me into your home unless you are open to my serious urging to paint your vintage sideboard white, charcoal or even  black!  You’ve been warned..

However, for those who have encouraged me and have taken on said projects, the results have been pretty impressive – kudos are down to you though – I’m just your guide.  I don’t execute the ideas, I merely take notes,  provide inspiration pics that include resources, and then hand it all over to you. If it’s a favour or bartered trade, you might get a jumble of scribbled notes on scrap paper and pages torn from magazines.  If you’ve hired me, you get a nicely packaged portfolio.

The inspiration photos I provide, depict ideas that are intended to inspire you.  There may be only one thing in the picture that you love. like the colour palette or a gallery wall of framed pictures.  But, sometimes it’s the whole room. Projects have included multiple or single rooms, a mantle arrangement or just a bookcase reorganization.  Choosing wall colours are often difficult for the feint of heart – been there.  I’m now a certified colour consultant, so I have a few skills, but anyone can pick a palette utilizing this tip.  Pull a colour from the existing, larger pieces in the room.  If you can avoid it NEVER start with the paint because that can be the catalyst for having to change everything else in the room because you got the wall colour wrong and a very, slippery slope if your budget is limited.

Try These Tips

  • Every room should have a hit of black.  Insert black via lampshades, a blackboard wall or interior doors – for drama and the wow factor or to just anchor a room.  An all-white room, while comforting & gorgeous can make you feel ‘floaty.’  Decorator pillows and paint are the least expensive ways to keep up with trends – if that’s important to you.
  • Everyone (in my opinion) should have a chalkboard wall – if you’re not sure start small.  I bought a small stick-on chalkboard at Chapters Indigo for about $10.00 and that works for me until I get around to painting. Starting small can help you to get comfortable with an idea without a big commitment.

Now Get Inspired..

Now Get Inspired..

Now Get Inspired..


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